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Readers have expressed interest in the settings of the novel. This author has lived, worked, and/or taken study tours to each site in the novel with the exception of CIA headquarters and the Vatican. They're all wondrous places.

Since this novel attracts intelligent readers (who, of course, completely affirm such a statement), this website includes easy-access links to a variety of AV resources about each place.

The internet is ever-changing, so if you discover any of the links on the Site Views page no longer work, please go to the comment section of this website and leave word so we may remove or correct it.

Following these links is the author's resurrected Y2K website, set up before his 22-day trip to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. Family and friends were able then—and you may now—follow his progress day by day. It was truly "the trip of a lifetime." To skip directly to that section, click here to the Grand Tour.