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The Kairos – A Novel

Published by: CarpeKairos Publishers
Available: October 2011
Paperback: $12.50* at (320 pages)
Hardcover: $25.00* (order here)
*plus s/h and tax where applicable
Kindle: $3.00 at

The Story:

In 1991 Dr. Lute Jonson, one of two co-directors of the Dead Sea Scrolls International Study Team in Jerusalem, decides to reveal explosive news contained in 2000-year-old fragments he and his friend and co-director Father Sean O'Derry have kept secret for 40 years. The seven fragments contain carbon-dated evidence of where the teenaged Jesus of Nazareth lived, and who He loved. Fr. O'Derry vehemently objects to their release, arguing that the faith of a billion Christians could be destroyed if this "spiritual virus" were released. Lute steals the originals and escapes to America to make the announcement. A deadly global chase ensues, leaving a wake of astounding revelations about a new kairos, a new "breakthrough by God into human time." The Kairos is a suspense novel with a sexual subject that's timely and a human-spirit theme that's timeless.


NY Times Best-Selling Author Sheldon Siegel writes, "The Kairos' intriguing, highly controversial premise takes readers on a fast-paced ride in a deftly-executed thriller. We'll be hearing more from this talented new author. Highly recommended."

"A wild ride, ancient evidence of a shocking truth, and wickedly good plot twists lead to surprising revelations. The time has come for The Kairos." ~Author/Blogger/MCC minister Kittredge Cherry.

"This novel will read more like fact than fiction to many, disturbing the comfort of some and comforting the alienation of others." Gay issues Author/educator Brian McNaught

Kirkus Review calls The Kairos "a tense …
adventure that wrestles with serious issues of morality and faith."